Record Numbers of Enrollment Causing a Positive Effect on OC Campus

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--In it's 62 year history, things may have never looked better for Odessa College than they do right now.  As far as the administration is concerned, it's all a matter of keeping their focus on the future.

"Mid-Winter has already provided us with record numbers.  We're excited about that.   Now we are looking forward to the Spring semester," Odessa College President, Dr. Greg Williams, said.

Williams says he recongnizes the importance of keeping up with the times.

With enrollment numbers hitting record highs in the past, there's no better time than the future, to add some new and different degree options. "We're working on a partnership with TSTC, in that, they will help us to enhance and empower some of our programs where we can have some things that we've never had available in Odessa before," he explained.

One of the degrees offered will be in Windsmithing, or Wind Energy Technology.  According to Williams, "We see the wind farms all over West Texas now.  There will be many more around Odessa."

And you can't forget the Arts, as theatre is making a comeback.    In fact, drama courses were offered to OC students this year. "The arts are very important to us at Odessa College and we're excited about those possibilities.  I would like to see the degree there, yes.  I would like to see the degree in the Performing Arts for our students," Williams said.

But, course work isn't the only thing changing.   According to Dr. Williams, you'll also notice a facelift at the Sports Center, "We're putting in new equipment and updating and painting and doing a number of things over there so it will look like a brand new, fresh facility when individuals go back in January."

A brand new, first class meeting room is being installed, to help OC keep more in tune with businesses in the community.  With all the hustle and bustle going on, Williams says, this is just the beginning,  "We've moved.  We've set some records, but you ain't seen nothing yet."

The new degree programs and the newly refurbished sports facility, should be available by Spring 2009.   Everything else should following suit by the Fall semester.