Daggett Search Continues as New Clues are Uncovered

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

It's day four on the hunt to find Joe Daggett - a Ft. Stockton rancher who went missing 20 years ago. There have been several small scale searches in the past, but this weekend, Texas Equusearch pulled out all the stops.

Crews had hoped to be done by Monday, but on Sunday, one of the three suspects in Daggett's disappearance came forward and gave some key information.

It's such a serious crack in the case, that Texas Equusearch has decided to stay until they find something. In fact, on Monday officials are flying in 6 dog teams from Houston to kick search efforts into high gear.

The private investigator has pinpointed several well locations, and over the next two days, Equusearch teams are hopeful they'll be able to close the case once and for all.

Authorities are certain Daggett's remains are in the Imperial area. They've been combing each ranch and looking inside every well.

During this search, they've brought out new high tech equipment, including several specially designed cameras that can fit down inside the wells. They're also using a GPS tracking system that can track well locations.

NewsWest 9 spoke with the Daggett family - they've been out all weekend helping Equusearch look for clues. They say finding out what happened to Joe will bring them closure.