Good Samaritan Aids Armed Robbery Victims

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Midland Police are still searching for two men accused of robbing the manager and an employee of Bob's Better Burger off of Thomason Dr. in Midland. Margaret Brasuell, the manager of the burger joint that opened back in 1956, says she was accosted by a masked man while getting into her car Friday night.

According to police, the man hit Brasuell over the head, before he ran off he stole a bank deposit bag with $2,500 dollars in cash. A second robber pointed a gun at an employee, stealing her purse, before fleeing into the alley towards Annetta St.

The women tried to flag down drivers on Thomason Dr. but all except one driver kept going.
"A lady going down the road stopped and said do ya'll need help?" Margaret Brasuell, who was bleeding and needed stitches on her head, said.  "No one would stop and she did."

Brasuell's daughter, Nicole Brasuell, says her mother lost a lot of blood, and she's just grateful she's alive.

"She had her little girl in the car and she still stopped for my mom," Nicole Brasuell said, "I just want to tell that woman thank you. I want to give her a hug."

It was an act of kindness following a terrifying attack.

"I looked up and a man in black--- black mask, black clothes, black gloves, hit me over the head at the same time taking my purse," Margaret Brasuell said.

Weighing in at just 92 pounds, Brasuell says she didn't stand a chance against her attacker but hopes police can track both men down.

"If they're crazy enough to do this one time, they might be crazy enough to do it again," Brasuell said.

Brasuell says she's considered closing the store or at least changing store hours to make sure she and her employees are safe.

"You've got to be dead inside to want to hurt somebody like that for money," Nicole Brasuell, standing just feet away from where her mother was robbed, said.