Golden Alga Kills Off Fish at Comanche Trail Pond

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Instead of a good catch, anglers at Comanche Trail Park pond Thursday were greeted with bad news: golden alga killed all the fish. The pond will remain closed until the problem is treated according to Andrea Goodson, with the City of Odessa.

"It's just weird coming out here and seeing all the trout dead," Fisherman Raymond Olivas, said.

Olivas says he had planned to fish at the park Saturday, but instead will have to drive to a nearby pond in Monahans.

"All of them dead. It's a shame and a waste of money," he said.

Members of the Texas Parks and Wildlife stocked the pond full of more than a thousand trout Thursday morning, but according to Goodson the fish soon died off. When officials tested the water, it tested positive for golden alga.

"In the summer when they had that turnover, just thought it was a one time thing, but apparently it's worse than that," Olivas said.

Back in August, officials first blamed low levels of oxygen for killing off thousands of fish at the pond but according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Website, the cause was later determined to be golden alga.

It costs the city $1.25 per trout to stock the pond. Goodson says crews stock it once or twice a year to give residents something recreational to do.

"Just the fun of casting out there you know, just enjoying the day," Robert Galindo, a fisherman who hopes the treatment process is quick, said.