Midland Couple Left Homeless After Midday Fire

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--Ron and Kathy Dill built their house in 1976.   They were one of the first three homes in the neighborhood.   They are still in shock that this could happen to them.  "I couldn't believe it, knowing the precautions I had already taken through the house.  I couldn't believe it was my home," Ron Dill said.

He spoke of a daily routine he goes through every morning, before he heads off to work, "I go through, turn off my air conditioner, my heater, anything that's on, except one light, a security light and that's all that's left on in the mornings when I leave everyday."

All that took place around 8:30 a.m.   Dill said he even went by the house later in the morning and everything was fine, "I came and picked up my granddaughter for lunch at 11:15.   I came by the house and there was no smoke or anything."

Then, he got a call from police, letting him know his house was on fire.

According to Midland Fire Inspector, Michael Evans, "At approximately 12:30, we got a call of a structure fire.  It turned out to be a single family residence.  Luckily, nobody was home at the time."

Fire crews were able to contain the blaze before it could spread to neighbor's houses.  

Although his home is almost totally destroyed, Dill is thankful things didn't turn out worse, "The best thing is that no one was home, nobody was hurt.  I have good insurance and everything will be taken care of."

The cause of the blaze is still under investigation.   Dill recommends everyone keep their fire insurance up to date and always carry your cell phone, since that is how they were able to contact him to let him know about the fire.