Counterfeit Bills Reappearing in Hobbs, New Mexico

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

HOBSS, NM - So far Hobbs detectives have seized a couple of thousands of dollars in the last few months. They say criminals are being sneaky and spending smaller amounts of the fake cash all over town.

"It's getting close to the holiday season and we are starting to see a new flunks of more counter fixing," Detective Joe Wall with the Hobbs Police Department, said.

The problem of counterfeit money had almost gone away in the City of Hobbs, but it's come back.

"It's a lot of isolated cases and it does strain our resources and we get a 20 dollar bill here and fifty dollar there and it trickles in for all over the place and it does mount up," Wall said.

These fake bills may look the real deal, but they aren't and there a couple of things you can look for.

"Bills are made of cloth, not paper, if it feels like paper, then chances are it is. Say you got a 20 dollar bill, if it does not feel right, hold it up under the light, hold it to a light, and you can see the security strip, also some bills come with the water mark," Wall said.

Wall says if you are cashier and you are given one of these bills, don't confront the person.

"If you can try to keep the bill, get a really good description of what the person looks like, vehicle description is also important, get a license plate," Wall said.

No arrests have been made, but Wall says they are working in some leads.

"We look at the bill's serial numbers and we are very successful at tracing it back, finger prints, video surveillance and we are very successful as far as identifying suspects," Wall said.

If you are caught of dealing with counterfeit money, you could go to jail from 18 months to 10 years and pay a fine from $5,000 to $10,000.