Eunice School District Preparing Bond Proposal for Voters

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

EUNICE- It's a pretty staggering math problem. Take 42 million dollars. That's how much money the schools in Eunice need. We went to investigate.

"What kind of price do you put on safety? This building right now first of all cost a tremendous amount of money in keeping it open, keep the pool, keep the chemicals in it, we didn't have a lot of patriotism here," Eunice School District Superintendent Dwain Haynes, said.

Dwain Haynes has been working on the numbers since September when the school's natatorium lights went dark.

"The community wants it, the students want it, they want it done now," Haynes said.

With most buildings going back to the 1930's, Haynes says they need to build a new elementary school and fix a host of problems that teachers and students live with everyday.

"We've had heating problems, we've had cooling problem, and water problems, it's kind of constant. We've always taken pride in our school, we've always talked about how beautiful our facilities are and we need to keep it that way," Eunice School Teacher and Parent Xan Hobbs, said.

School officials are hoping voters will approve a multi-million dollar bond. If they do, property taxes will go up.

"They want their children to be educated in the best facilities we can provide them. This community is happy, they are excited, they thrilled we are moving forward with this project," Haynes said.

And one concern is how seniors with fixed incomes like Mary Lou Vincent will be able to pay the extra cash.

"As a senior citizen with a fixed income I think we can not afford to not let it pass, it's got to pass," Eunice Resident Mary Lou Vincent, said.

But if the bond doesn't pass, it could mean trouble for the district.

"We are going to have to become very creative in finding funds to take care of the problems underneath the elementary and we are talking millions of dollars," Haynes said.

The bond still needs to go through several more approvals first and the school board needs to give their ok at the December meeting before voters go to the polls in May.