Baby in Lea County Fights for Life

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

LEA CO.- A baby girl in Lea County is still in the hospital but Deborah Busemeyer, Communications Director for the New Mexico Department of Health says she is improving.

According to Busemeyer, the girl and another baby boy from Otero County, NM fell ill from Eterobacter Sakazakii sometime last month. The boy died from complications of the illness. A press release sent out by the State Health Department says E. Sakazakii is a rare cause of bloodstream and central nervous infections, often associated with powder formulas.

Busemeyer tells NewsWest 9, the babies each contracted different strains of the illness. The health department expects results from testing done on the food and inside the homes of both families. Busemeyer says the results will help the health department determine how the babies contracted the strains.

The symptoms include: difficulty breathing and eating, irritability, rapid heartbeat, irregular temperatures hot or cold, and jaundes.

Health Department Recommendations:

1.The best option for your baby is to breast feed if possible.

2.Talk to your health care provider before trying or changing to a new formula.

3.Prepare a small amount of formula for each feeding to reduce the amount and time that formula is at room temperature before your baby drinks it.

4. If you have prepared formula and your baby has not had any, throw the formula away within two hours of preparation. If your baby drank out of the bottle, throw away any leftover formula within one hour.

5. Always wash your hands before preparing formula or any food for yourself or family members.

6. Prepared formula in a refrigerator should be used within 24 hours.

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