Midland Man Displays High Tech Christmas Light Show on His House

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- It's more than twenty five days till Christmas, but Joel Buckingham has been in the holiday spirit for months. He is transforming his Midland home into a high tech light show. And he even got one his neighbors to join him.

"It's contagious, you see him out there doing and started to do what ever I can to help" Daniel Hardy, Joel's Neighbor, said.

Daniel Hardy is one of Joel Buckingham's neighbors; he has always put up Christmas lights. But this year he decided to connect his lights to Buckingham's transmitter.

"It's super cool, you see his house and then you see mine blinking at the same time too and its wow! It brings it all in," Hardy said.

Joel Buckingham has been bound to a wheel chair for about four years, but this has not stopped him for putting up thousands of Christmas lights.

"This is my first house and I've always wanted to have crazy Christmas lights so it's the one crazy thing I get to do a year, it's pretty fun," Joel Buckingham, Christmas Light Fanatic, said.

This is the second year Buckingham has put up lights, but this year he decided to go all out. His friends have been helping put them up for over a month.

"It's control by a computer and 49 channels for my lights to go, different channels turn on at different times and it's pretty neat," Buckingham said.

And this year, these lights have a special meaning, he is dedicating the display to a friend's wife who passed away.

"She would come by almost every night last year, she was really excited about them and it's kind of sad she doesn't get to see them this year, so we are going to them in memory of her," Buckingham said.

Buckingham says putting the lights up this year has taken more time than he thought, but hopes all the lights will be up in a couple of days. He plans to leave them on through the Christmas holidays.

The house is located at 1609 Neely in Midland, and you can also tune in 100.1 on your radio to get music from the comfort of your car.