Midland Police Deploy Mobile Command Center for Extra Holiday Security

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Shoppers tell NewsWest 9 they feel safe knowing the Midland Police Department is watching out for criminals while they buy their holiday gifts.

"Oh it really feels good to know that they do have our back, I think it's a good idea," Midland Shooper Margaret Lane, said.

Margaret Lane was at a shopping center at 4 am Friday morning catching all the early sales, and even though she has never had any bad experiences when she shops she is still on the look out for criminals.

"I think it's a safe city, I am aware of my surroundings," Lane said.

And Midland Police Department wants citizens to feel safe while they do their holiday shopping so they are working extra time and taking out their mobile command center.

"Any where we can take it where there is going to be a lot of customers doing a lot of shopping, we want to be there just to keep the crime down," Larry Woodruff, with the Midland Police Department, said.

Even though crime in Midland is not high compared to bigger cities. Woodruff says there is a need for this type of command center.

"Because there is a lot of bad guys out there and they are looking for someone to have a vehicle full of Christmas presents," Woodruff said.

But there are couple things you can do to keep safe while you shop.

"Make sure your doors are locked, that your windows are up in your vehicle, and your residence are locked, just take the extra time to secure your things," Woodruff said.

The mobile command center will be working all the way though Christmas making sure everyone is safe during holiday shopping. They will be making their rounds between all the busy shopping areas in the Tall City.