Black Friday Bargain Hunters Score Big in the Basin

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

It's Black Friday in the Basin, and Tall City bargain hunters came out in the dark of night to make sure they save a little green this holiday.

NewsWest 9 brought you live coverage on Friday morning when Best Buy in Midland opened it's doors. 

Managers say Black Friday was a huge success.

"I was here since 9:00 last night," Midland Best Buy Shopper, Troy Orosco, said. "I waited all night."

Troy Orosco was one of hundreds of Midlanders who braved the rain and chilly early morning temperatures to get the deep discounts.

"It was cold, it rained on me," Orosco said. "It started to rain, I went out to the ride, I came back and didn't notice a big puddle on my seat and I sat in it.  It ruined my day."

But things started to look up.

"This is like the Super Bowl for us," Best Buy General Manager Mike Williams, said. "We plan and plan and plan and it's game day, when we open those doors."

And many happy shoppers scored big.

"They said there was only 6 available, but there was more like 20," Orosco said. "I got what I wanted though."

And almost as in demand as the bargains, were the shopping carts to put them in.

"This pretty much kicks off the Christmas season for us," Williams said. "From here till about  January, we expect crowds everyday."

And those crowds came prepared. Shoppers showed up with fist-fulls of coupons and plenty of cash.

"We just came and grabbed whatever," Midland Shoppers Iris and Kerian Huerta, said. "We grabbed what we wanted."

Managers say their popular electronics store was a well oiled machine.

"Been pretty much the way we wanted it to go," Williams said. "We had a pretty smooth plan in place.  We've got a big crowd out here.  We expect crowds every year and we try to plan for that.  So far, things are going pretty smooth, the way we predicted."

And even after waiting all night long, the demand often outweighed the supply.

"There will be items that we will run out of, yes," Williams said. "We have a lot of different items on sale and we also have items we're able to order.  But we will run out of some items, yes."

Best Buy says even though Friday was Black Friday, the sales and shoppers won't stop anytime soon.

"We'll have steady crowds all day, all weekend," Williams said. "The ad that came out this morning will go through tomorrow.  You'll have several different items that will be on sale all weekend."

And like the song says, all those shoppers "rushed home with their treasures."

"I got it in time and got a few other things," Orosco said. "So, I got you covered, family!"