Basin Stores Get Ready for Black Friday

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - By now, pretty much everyone has their Christmas wish list ready to go.  You can bet, somewhere on it is a Nintendo Wii or a new HD Television or in some cases, both.

Justin Bennett, with Target in Midland says, "We expect the Wii's to really sell well and then TV's, high definition TV's are going to be another high demand electronic item this year."

As Mike Williams, General Manager for Best Buy says, people will go to almost any extreme to be the first, to get their hands on that must have item, "Last year we probably had 2-3 hundred people spend Thanksgiving in the parking lot.  It's crazy."

Others, not so much, Bennett explains, "There'll be people lined up around the store that morning, to get into the door."

As Williams explains, retailers across the Basin aren't taking any chances.  They want Black Friday to go off without a hitch, for their customers and their employees, "We have tickets that we hand out for certain items.  We ensure that people that are in the line, have first shot at the ticketed items, It controls the chaos."

If you happen to miss out on what you really wanted, some stores, like Target, have comparable options, "We will be doing substitutions when we can for those items but we will run out, quantities are limited on some of the two day ad items," Bennett explained.

But if you want to avoid the lines and hassle all together, Bennett says, you can always shop at home, "Best will be running specials on Thanksgiving day as well as on Black Friday."

Bennett says his employees have been geering up for this one day, for months. The shoppers are obviously ready.  The question is are they?

"We have a great team and a great plan.  We will do our very best to execute it.  We'll know Friday morning," Williams said.

If you plan to take advantage of the Black Friday deals, store managers recommend you get here early.  Target opens it's doors at 6 am, so you may want to set your alarm for 4, that is of course, if you plan on going to bed at all.