Local HEB Expecting High Customer Volume on Wednesday

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

"We are in full swing for the holiday season it is going to be a busy couple of days," David Dowd, Unit Director of the HEB in Odessa, said.

Wednesday is predicted to be the busiest shopping day at HEB in Odessa.

"We are expecting six thousand," Dowd said.

Some shoppers say they are not stocking up as much this year. 

"We are cutting back on the desserts this year like no millionaire pie or no pecan pie," says one shopper.

"My husband is self employed so we are seeing a difference," she said.

Dowd said food prices are stable this Thanksgiving.

"Our prices are holding steady this year. The price for a turkey is the same as it was last year," Dowd said.

The Lone Star State has some of the cheapest food prices in the country.

"Anywhere there is a Walmart and an HEB operate together, you will find the cheapest food prices anywhere in the United States," Dowd said.

Turkey, dressing, the works one shopper says it's all in her basket along with a little more

"You know I think we are a little bit more conscience about what we are spending. I think we are getting the same things, but thinking a little more like should we get a fresh frozen turkey or one that was previous frozen, those are the kind of the decisions," another shopper said.