West Texas Garbage Disposals Gobbling Too Much Turkey

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

The holiday season isn't just a busy time for stores and shoppers.

Plumbers tell NewsWest 9 they are about to enter their busiest time of the year. 

This Thanksgiving, West Texans will carve turkey, peel potatoes, and stir the stuffing.

And when it's time to clean-up, some will make mistakes that can literally bring those holiday preparations to a halt.

We caught up with one Midland-based plumbing company who says, cooks are shoving too many leftovers down the drain and the garbage disposals just can't gobble it all up.

"Thanksgiving and Christmas - the busiest time of the year," Randy Sanchez, Owner of Randy's Rooter and Plumbing, said. "More people doing cooking, stuffing turkey down their sink."

It might be the holiday season, but that doesn't mean business slows down for Randy Sanchez.

"You're cooking, pouring what's left on your plate down the disposal, too much meat, potato skins, onion skins, stuff like that will definitely stop up your kitchen sink," Sanchez said.

Sanchez owns his own plumbing company and he says he gets about 30 calls on Thanksgiving day.

"It's something that happens every year at this time," Sanchez said. "I've been in business 17 years, and this is our busiest time of the year - Thanksgiving and Christmas."

It's only a guess as to what he'll find.

"I've had dentures inside a toilet, toys, little kids toys, Superman, Incredible Hulk, just anything," he said.

But it's the holiday feast that does the most damage.

"Meat is very bad for your disposal," Sanchez said. "It will definitely stop it up."

"They're not thinking about what they're doing," Sanchez said. "They're probably just in a hurry cooking, talking to other people while they're cooking and just flushing it down."

But you might want to think twice before shoving a bone down.

"Bones, feed them to your dog, but I wouldn't feed it to your disposal," Sanchez said.

And if he pays a visit to your pipes on turkey day, be prepared to pay up.

"We will go out, we won't say no," Sanchez said. "The best thing to do - just put it in the trash can."
Plumbers here say if you've had trouble with the lines in the past, call and make an appointment now before the holidays start.