Roswell Residents Protest Hazardous Waste Site

Staff Report
The Associated Press

ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) - Roswell residents are protesting the idea of putting a hazardous waste dump near their southeastern New Mexico city.

Complaints surfaced at a hearing in Roswell (Tuesday) over the Bush administration's proposed Global Nuclear Energy Partnership program, or GNEP.

GNEP envisions expanded global nuclear power and technologies to recycle radioactive waste.

The Department of Energy says no site decisions have been made.  Several Roswell residents said they don't support the program or the idea of a GNEP facility between Roswell and Tatum.

They suggested solar and wind energy alternatives, and expressed concerns about GNEP's safety.

The head of the Chaves County Democratic Party, Tom Jennings, says he doesn't want the world's waste dumped in Roswell.