Truck Demolishes Home in Andrews

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

"The whole side three bedrooms are demolished." Chris Gonzales.

The Cornejo-Lopez family's home is now missing an exterior wall and some of the interior rooms are leveled after Wednesday night's crash.

"Apparently the vehicle that was run over, the vehicle involved and the structure was destroyed, probably a total loss," Andrews Police Chief Bud Jones, said.

The driver of the pickup began swerving about two blocks away according to police he then hit a power pole dragging it several feet and then crashed into the house.

Andrews police are still investigating the cause of the crash, but they say it was an accident.

"It was very unusual. Usually if a vehicle runs into a power pole or something that is where it stops," Jones said.

No one was home at the time of the accident, and the driver of the pickup was back at work on Thursday morning.

"This could have been a much different outcome as far as an injury, as it turned out it was just property, and property can be replaced," Jones said.

The property is in ruins, entire rooms, demolished plates, and furniture in pieces on the floor.

With Thanksgiving is only days away the family is now forced to find a new place to spend the holidays.

"We will still get together, but it wont be the same, it's going to be a year without coming to my Grandma's house and having Thanksgiving like we have always had," Family Members said.