Veterans Arrive in West Texas for "Hunt for Heroes" Event

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Veterans from all across the country will be spending some time in West Texas the next four days. It's all part of the Fifth Annual Show of Support Hunt for Heroes.   

"Man, I feel great," Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris said as he spoke Wednesday with fellow veterans at the Midland Airport. "I tell you what, seeing all this just makes me feel really proud."

West Texans rolled out the red carpet for a group of veterans Wednesday evening. A show of support from the Patriot Guard and a special Police escort into town. 

"It's definitely something different," Staff Sergeant Nathan Price, with the U.S. Army, said. "It almost feels like you're on a President's Motorcade or something like that."

"Letting all the men and women in our United States' Military Service know that we appreciate everything that they do for us," Carolyn Hatcher, with Show of Support, said.

"It's a brotherhood, no matter where you go, you're never alone in the world when you see another solider," Harris explained.

After the group was settled at the Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, they were treated to a Barbaque at the Willows.

"People are so thankful, it really means a lot to us," Neil Frustaglio, with the U.S. Marine Corps, said. "I mean, whether you just got shot, or someone like me who spent a year at Walter Reed in rehab, this means a lot."

Many of the veterans like Neil Frustaglio heard about this Hunt for Heroes from others in years past and said he's happy to spend some time in West Texas.

"What they do here is so amazing, just already, the treatment and the hospitality is just awesome," Frustaglio explained.

The veterans and family members have a full schedule for Thursday that includes a banquet at the Midland Horseshoe. However, everyone we spoke with says they are, of course, looking forward to the chance to go hunting this weekend.