City of Midland Develops New Way to Let You Know When Disaster Strikes

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

More and more people in Midland are trading their phones with cords for cell phones, and the city is trying to figure out how to keep up. 

That's why they've developed a new way to get the word out when disaster strikes.

If a child goes missing or if something dangerous happens in your neighborhood, the City of Midland has a new way of letting you know.

"They might not be at the house, but they'll get notification of an incident around their residence," Communications Manager Eva Luna, said.

Starting on Wednesday, if you live in Midland, you can sign up to get a call anytime something happens in your neighborhood.

"More and more citizens are using their cell phones as their home phone," Luna said. "Once they activate it, then the system will start making the phone calls, and when the people answer, then they will get that message that's been recorded."

Right now, the Tall City uses a landline phone database. They've had it for 12 years, but this new software allows them to plug in your cell phone number into the mix, so you can know what's going on even if you're not at home.

"If it's a law enforcement incident, or fire incident, or a hazardous material incident," Luna said.

The database called "The Communicator" will be able to detect exactly who needs to know about an emergency.

"We would go to the mapping system and draw a circle, a square, a polygon around the area affected that has the numbers attached to the mapping, and that's who would get notified," Luna said.

It seperates the county into quadrants and can even notify businesses.

"It's mostly needed if we need to contact a selected area," Luna said. "It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it allows us to contact more people in a more timely manner."