Midland Family Mourns the Loss of Their Loved One

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Pictures line the shelves at the home Stephen Adam's grew up in. On Monday evening, just 36 hours after he was shot and killed at a Whataburger on Midkiff, the kitchen at his boyhood home is bursting with family.

Adams graduated from Midland Lee in 1982. He married in 1984. Adams leaves behind his wife and three children.
"I pray with all my heart that not another family has to have their father or their husband or brother taken away from them for no reason," daughter Dani Adams, said. "My dad was an amazing, amazing, amazing man. I just wanted people to see and hear what was taken."

Adams says her father did everything for his family. He coached years of softball, and sent all of his children to Midland Christian.

"He was always proud of us. It didn't matter what we did, just the littlest things he would just pat us on the back," Adams said.

Adams says her family's faith and strength will help them get through the tragedy. While they can't understand why it all happened, daughter Dani, says she wants to honor her dad.

"It's just celebrating the life my dad lived and every moment we had with him," Adams said.

A fund has been set up at Heritage USA in Midland under the Steve Adam's account.