City of Presidio Returning to Normal

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO- Things in the border town of Presidio are slowly getting better.

"Things are getting back to normal, we still have water lying around in different spots," Presidio City Manager, Cynthia Clarke, said.

And the consequences of the flood are evident all over town. About 500 families were evacuated from the low-lying areas and called the local elementary school home for two weeks.

But perhaps one of the biggest victim's local businesses.

"The sales tax collection for the month of September we got out check in about a week ago and it was 27% less than it was a year ago this time," Clarke said.

The water has receded but new health problems have emerged.

"Our problem right now is mold a lot of us, me included, we have been suffering from allergies and chest problems," Clarke said.

And one of the major consequences the flooding situation brought was the closing of the international bridge for almost three weeks which caused tourism to become almost non existent and therefore shops could not sell their goods.

Harper Hardware store didn't close its doors to customers during the flood, but profits were minimal.

"My business was affected about 60 to 70 percent since our business is from Mexico, so we were affected," Store Owner Jose Saenz, said.

Saenz also says after the bridge opened business started to pick up, but they are still feeling the effects.

"Right now we are just holding the fort, things are not doing to well, our business is down, we survived the pesos devaluation back in the 80's, I am pretty sure we will survive this one," Saenz said.