Odessa High Fans Show Team Spirit at Ratliff Stadium

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Red and white invaded Ratliff Stadium on Saturday afternoon as Odessa High Broncho fans rooted for their school in the playoffs. It wasn't a sold out game, but fans were excited to be there and express their team spirit.

"I feel great today, I am so proud of our boys, I am so proud they made it here and I hope we go further than today, it's a great feeling" Odessa High School Cheerleader Tonya Beason, said,

Saturday afternoon marked the first playoff game for the Odessa High Bronchos since 1997.

"We got a good group of kids an excellent group of coaches and with the support of our fans we are glad to be here," Odessa High Principal Ron Leach, said.

Going to the playoffs isn't the only thing that's got Bronchos spirits high merchandise sales are also up.

"We've had a really good year, it kind of took off during the end of the year because we made the playoffs, everyone is interested, we can't keep up with phones calls at home wanting play off shirts and today was a really a good day, we sold quite a bit," Booster Club Member Mike Teegardner, said.

This year both Permian and OHS made it to the play offs and even with a big cross town rivalry the fans agree in the end they all represent Odessa.

"It's one town, and we are all about the same thing, we are all out after the same purpose and it's great to have the kids doing well," Leach said.

"I am really proud of both schools, even though we have a big rivalry we are still supporting town and I am really proud of OHS and Permian," Beason said.