South Odessa Residents Unhappy About Drilling Site Decision

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--The concern over these drilling sites is widespread.   Residents NewsWest 9 spoke to seem to be of one mind.   They would have liked to have had an opportunity to express their opinion before the council took it to a vote.

Antonia Hernandez has a lot to say when it comes to the well being of her south side neighbors.  That's why the new drilling projects have her out of joint, "I would tell them that it's the wrong decision, just like they did before with the park.  I think that it's wrong.  They can look for another place, but not here.  It's too close to the community, too close to the people."

A major concern for her is the children who play in the area, "I don't think it's a good thing to  destroy something that we already have for the kids, to have somewhere to go, to play or something like that."

Linda Carrasco also lives on the south side.   She says okay with the drilling, upto a point, "All I hate, for that smell that's going to hit over there where we live.   Other than that I think, whatever.  They're going to make it anyway, right?"

Even though city and county officials have given their blessing, County Commissioner Armando Rodriguez says there's still something the opposition can do, write letters to the Railroad Commission, "Railroad Commission has no other choice but to make a public hearing so people can get more feedback and they (Railroad Commission) can get more feedback from the community."

Rodriguez says it's up to the community to get their voices heard, otherwise, "If people don't write letters protesting this, it will be a done deal, completely."

Keystone Petroleum has gotten the go ahead on 2 new drilling sites.   Rodriguez tells NewsWest 9, there are a total of 6 proposed sites, all in south Odessa.