Midland City Council Considering Three Pet Proposals

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--Midland Animal Control not only wants to crack down on bad owners, but help those families who have lost their furry friends. 

They put 3 proposals before City Council on Tuesday and it looks like they're on the way to passing.

In this dog eat dog world the odds just got a little more even in favor of your pets.   And when it comes to our four legged friends, Midland Animal Services' goal is very clear.  Animal Services Director Paul O'Neill explains, "Our goal is to reunite more pets with their owners."

To tackle that goal, Midland Animal Services wants to put 3 plans into action.  The first, requiring owners to get their pet microchipped.

According to O'Neill, "The main reason for that is to get more animals home.  All of our officers have scanners.  All of our officers have laptops in their trucks.  The more animals that we can return to home, in the field, it means the fewer open kennels we have to make here, which means we're doing less euthanasia."

You can get your pet microchipped for 15 bucks at the shelter or you can go to your vet.

"Just do it that first year and your pet's covered for the rest of it's life as far as the microchip is concerned," O'Neill said.

Another proposal targets people who sell puppies on street corners.  Animal services wants to crack down, by requiring sellers to have more than peddler's permit.  O'Neill clarified, "We're not trying to outlaw the sale of the puppies, we just feel that the people selling them right now are not being responsible."

Sellers would have to meet 9 requirements before getting a permit to sell. If they're caught without one, they'll get a hefty ticket. 

The shelter's last goal is to protect your pet. Under this proposal, if you take your pooch to the store with you, you will have to make sure all"of your car windows are rolled down, or, as O'Neill explained, face some serious consequences, "This new ordinance would allow, as a last resort, if the animal say, is dying, to enter the vehicle and retrieve the animal.  It's considered animal cruelty and cruelty charges could be filed."

These 3 proposals are on the way to getting approved.  The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to pass them. Members still have to vote on them again, before they become official. 

Of course, NewsWest 9 let you know when that happens.