West Texas Entrepreneurs Set Up Shop in Seminole

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

They're rolling out the welcome mats, and hanging up the signs.  This year there are more new businesses in Seminole than ever before, and it has people all over the Basin paying a visit.

"There's just a high momentum in Seminole right now," Chamber of Commerce CEO, Shelby Concotelli, said.

And it's not hard to see. Open signs are up all over town.

Just this year 41 new businesses are lining the busy roadways, an all-time high.

"Some of them are restaurants, some of them have to do with the oil field," Concotelli said. "Some of them are, of course, your contractors, builders, and whatnot."

Owners are even relocating their West Texas companies to Seminole.

"We probably answer 17 relocation calls per week," Concotelli said.

As the oil and gas industry continues to thrive in Gaines County, there's a higher demand for development.

"We need more restaurants, we need more places for them to stay, temporary housing for the contractors that are coming in," Concotelli said.

According to the Chamber, hundreds of new employees are coming into Seminole, in fact, the two new RV parks in town haven't even opened yet, and the units are already spoken for.

"People, when they're looking at where they want to live," Concotelli said. "Although their job might not be primarily in Seminole, but it may be in the area, and they're choosing Seminole."

That's definitely the case for one family, several years ago, the Davila's moved from Dallas to raise their children and become Seminole entrepreneurs.

"I love to cook. That's me," Meriya's Burritos Owner Veronica Davila, said.  "I make homemade tortillas from scratch, my Mom's recipe, so it's going to help out here in the community."

Meriya's Burritos opens it's doors on Tuesday morning.

"I'm so excited. I just have so much joy in my heart. This is mine, I don't have to shut down anytime soon. I want to work with the community a long time," Davila said.

But the tortillas aren't the only thing they've made from scratch.

"We built Mireya's from scratch and we're going to keep Mireya's for a long time," Davila said.
She hopes that her business will be part an intregal part of the change happening all over town.

"Our community can grow more, I'm looking forward to that," Davila said.

This Wednesday, the town of Seminole plans to celebrate. The Chamber is hosting a luncheon to honor all of the new businesses and community-wide growth.