Odessa and Midland Teams Prepare for Playoff Games

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN--The high school football season has kicked into overdrive and emotions are high in the Basin.   This year, it isn't just one or two local 5-A schools going for the title, all four have a shot.

Never before in the history of E.C.I.S.D. athletics have Permian and OHS made the playoffs in the same year. The fact that both Midland High and Lee are also in the first round, sets this year's playoffs apart from all the rest.

"It's interesting that the final four playoff schools are Midland schools and Odessa schools.  That makes it really interesting for both communities," ECISD Athletic Director Leon Fuller, said.

Fuller knows full well what's at stake this weekend.  And he knows what it means for everyone invloved, "It makes it a lot of fun when two communities are this close together and have this feeling of both of them want to be successful and do as well as they can in the playoffs."

It would be a good thing if all the schools continued to win and advance, but it would be a great boost to the local economy.

"What we'd like to do is have a bunch of people come out to the area, spend a day or two, go to the game, look around at all the stuff we have and eat in restaurants and stay in the motels and everything, that would be great for us,"  Fuller explained.

Bringing things a little closer to home, Fuller says championship fever is definitely taking over the schools and the community, "You've looked at it all year long and with both schools having great records and it ended up down to the wire, where both of them were involved in possible District Championships and stuff like that, it gets the community really involved."

The win will go to the team that rises to meet the challenge and continues to play consistently.  But what would be the cherry on this proverbial sundae?  According to Fuller, "We can work around to where we could play the Odessa/Permian game over again.  That would be really, a big event, should that happen."