Possible Text Messaging Ban While Driving in Austin Has West Texans Talking

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS- You can't drink and drive, you probably shouldn't eat and drive, But what about texting? The City of Austin is looking at ban on texting while on the road.

Seven states already have similar laws.

"I do answer the phone and talk on it, but I would never text that's actually pretty bad," Frank Franco, Odessa Citizen, said.

"'Do you text while you drive Ryan?', "Yes I do," Ryan Market, Odessa Citizen, said.

Checking a text while sitting behind the wheel may not be safe, but some drivers in Odessa say they do it anyway.

"I have before just to get a message across to a friend or family," Odessa Citizen Swenson Kreger, said.

If Austin city officials pass a ban against texting and driving it would require Austin residents to use a hands free device. In Odessa, some West Texans say it might be a good idea.

"It would make the road safer for everybody," Kreger said.

But some argue it won't stop the problem.

"It's hard to see what someone is doing on their phone, they could be dialing a number to call which is dangerous as well, but you can never tell what they are going to do, it's not really black and white it's more of a gray area, you really can't pass that kind of law," Franco said.

Austin officials are still just considering a ban against texting and driving. In Odessa, although there is no ban on texting and driving, but you can still get a ticket for wreckless driving.