Midlanders React to Downtown Implosion

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--All eyes were on the Tall City Saturday morning.   For the second time in Midland's history, a highrise is brought to the ground.   But according to city officials, this the just start of something new.

It's hard for some to believe that something that has been a part of Midland's history for almost half a century, is now gone for good.   But according to Mayor Wes Perry, it's all for the betterment of the city, "I'm honored to be a part of Midland and just being able to be standing here with this new day in Midland with this downtown changing."

This new day iterally started off with a bang, or rather several of them.   And it was over in just a few seconds.

Some in the crowd have seen this sort of thing before, like Charles White, "Well, I was 40 years in the Marine Corps., we blew things up all over the place."

For others, like 8 year old Caitlin Lauritzen,  it was a brand new experience.   But she already knew what to expect, "I think it's going to be loud and there's going to be a lot of noise and everybody is going to be cheering."

Even the Mayor was pretty excited about it all, "Oh my goodness, it was a big rush.  It's hard to describe the feelings when the bumps started happening.  You could hear, whoa, this is a big deal," Perry said

Part of his excitement has much to do with the future plans for all the new space.

"If we can get a good project for Midland, it should be retail and some restaurants and hotels and some living and those kind of things that we know we need in downtown," Perry explained.

But don't go planning a shopping spree just yet.   Perry says the initial plan is to put in some much needed parking, then proceed from there, "I don't like parking lots.  I don't think that's the way we need to fill our downtown up, but that'll create some space and then we can see what we can put back. "

Clean up is expected to take between one to two months.   Traffic along Texas and Wall should be back to normal by Monday.   But expect Colorado to stay closed for while, due to some minor damage left by the implosion.