Tourism Another Victim of Presidio Flood

PRESIDIO, Texas (AP) - If this were a normal fall, winter Texans and other snowbirds would be driving their motor homes to the West Texas border town of Presidio and the nearby Big Bend.  Instead, the start of the peak tourism season this year in the remote corner of West Texas is all but idle.

Blame the state's other September disaster.  Hurricane Ike quickly dismantled the South Texas tourism hotspot of Galveston in mid-September. Meanwhile, a massive flood along the Rio Grande threatened to swamp at least a third of Presidio.

The aftermath the dusty border town of about 5,000 people about 250 miles southeast of El Paso is a still-flooded golf course and a closed riverfront highway between the town and the massive state park to the east. That's all but halted area tourism.