New Mexico Congressional Seat Changes Parties for First Time in 30 Years

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

All eyes were on New Mexico on Tuesday night. 

And that state delivered for Democrats. 

Now, a once reliably Republican Senate seat is changing hands.

Hobbs is a part of the largest district in the State of New Mexico. For the past 30 years, it's been controlled by the Republican party, but on Tuesday night, everything changed.

"It's quite an experience really," Harry Teague, Congressman-Elect for Dist. 2, said.

Democratic Candidate Harry Teague won the Congressional seat defeating Republican Candidate Ed Tinsley by 10% of the vote.

"I never thought this race would be as lop-sided as it became," Campaign Manager Frank Costanzo, said.

"All across our country and all across our district, people were wanting a change, they were getting tired of business as usual," Teague said. "Special interest groups were getting more representation than the people were getting, and that's why I ran for Congress."

Teague says his journey is the American dream. He quit high school to work in the oil fields and worked his way up to the top. Now he owns the company, and after Tuesday night's historic race, he's headed to Washington, D.C. to represent New Mexico.

"I relate to people who have to work for a living, because I've been there and done that," Teague said.

"The strategy was to point out his history and let folks realize he really is Southern New Mexico," Costanzo said.

Teague plans to focus on renewable and alternative energy, and creating more jobs for people in New Mexico.

"For this region to have someone that's going to be a conduit for information for the needs from Southern New Mexico and West Texas, it's going to be tremendous for the whole area," Teague said.

Over the next few days, Teague plans to tour the district, meeting New Mexicans and thanking them for voting.

"I think it's going to change it for the good," he said. "I think New Mexico is opening up."