Congressman Mike Conaway Discusses America's Future with NewsWest 9

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Mike Conaway is getting back to his normal routine. First up on Wednesday morning a visit to Gonzales Elementary School to talk to students, but despite his big win on Tuesday night, Barack Obama's victory is weighing on him.

"Life goes on, yesterday was a huge day, a lot disappointment but a lot of excitement," Mike Conaway, U.S. Rep. Dist. 11, said.

And with excitement is how Conaway plans to battle in Washington D.C.

"There will be some circumstances where I will agree with President Obama and will do that and there will be some circumstances where we will compromise together on the issues and there is going to a lot of things where I will simply oppose his views and missions for America," Conaway said.

But already Conaway is concerned with what Obama may do with the oil industry.

"I don't think things look very favorable in the oil business, I think the hard left and his party will encourage additional regulatory burdens and additional blockage to be able to explore for oil," Conaway said

On Tuesday night, Republicans lost the White House and significant seats in Congress. Now Conaway will face more opposition when he returns to Washington.

"The majority of the people have spoken and now my job is to go to Washington, D.C. and work with a bigger majority of the House and a bigger majority of the State with a Democratic president to try to craft public policy that I think it's best for America," Conaway said.

Conaway says Republicans are outnumbered in Congress, but it's the same battle he's been fighting for the past two years and he's looking forward to it.