Fewer Fights Reported at Big Spring High School

by Roma Vivas
News West 9

BIG SPRING- The program is called "W.W.F Smack Down," it may have a wrestling name it's actually used to discourage fighting.  If there are no fights for three weeks on the Big Spring High School campus students get an extra fifteen minutes during for lunch.

"It's about our student body winning over something, of defeating violence," Tanya Cartwright, Big Spring High School Assistant Principal, said.

This program has not only brought fighting down but students grades are going up.

"The failure rate is down, there are many more kids passing, and obviously that's being one of our main goals and just through that the team spirit working with them," Cartwright said.

After a rash of school fights last year and missing their state testing benchmarks Big Spring High School needed a boost.

"We were considered unacceptable by the state of Texas and to be really blunt we are ashamed of that and we need to fix it and it's getting fixed every day. You don't fix all at once, we are fixing it daily beginning with behavior," George Bancroft, Big Spring High School Assistant Principal, said.

School officer Marc Couch says he's seen a big difference in how kids feel about fighting.

"I saw a refusal of a person to get involved in a fight and somebody else stepping in saying 'hey you know don't mess up our lunch we have a good string going on, we don't want to mess it up," Couch said.

School officials say they hope this new positive attitude will continue for the rest of the school year with the same success they've had so far.