Midland Man Killed in Oklahoma

Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez

TULSA, OK - A Midland man is dead after a gruesome murder Saturday morning.

Police found the man pinned underneath a Chevy Camaro in Tulsa, Oklahoma after a suspect drove into a crowd of people.

Police say 24-year-old Andrew Mathis was driving the car that killed two and injured five others early Saturday morning. One of the victims was 30-year-old Carlos Lopez. He was transferred by Baker Hughes, an oil field service company, to Midland two years ago. He lived here with his wife, one year old daughter and two step sons.

Police say Lopez and several others were helping an unconscious man that the suspect punched in a parking lot behind a cafe in Tulsa. Police say Mathis was angry after seeing his ex-girlfriend with other men and knocked the man out cold. He then jumped into his car and plowed through the crowd of bystanders.

Lopez and another man, Dennis Cox, were trapped under the sports car and later pronounced dead.

Lopez' sister Lilian tells NewsWest 9 he was on a business trip in Tulsa and was visiting family and friends still living there. She says the entire family is shocked. They can't believe this happened, but she adds Lopez died helping a perfect stranger and that is exactly the way he lived his life.

Mathis remains behind bars on two counts of Murder and three counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Police believe alcohol was a factor.