West Texans Help Hurricane Ike Victims

Roma Vivas
News West 9

MIDLAND- West Texans continue to help victims of Hurricane Ike. The dangerous hurricane devastated homes and forced thousands to evacuate over two months ago. But owners of "Miss Cayce's Christmas store" say they don't want to forget about those who still need help.

This store is full of items that will get you into the Christmas spirit, but not everyone is lucky enough to think of celebrating.

"A couple of Saturdays a go Cathy and I agreed that we wanted to call attention back to what had happened at the Gulf Coast," Becky McCraney, owner of Miss Casey's Christmas Store, said.

October 11th the store offered discounts to customers if they donated money to the Red Cross Hurricane Ike relief fund. In addition, the store also donated 10 percent of all the sales they made that day.

"We thought it was a good way for us to share with our other Texas residents down there that had been faced with all of this disaster," McCraney said.

The owners say people were forgetting the tragic event. They even put up pictures in the store to show their customers the situation.

"And just to see the devastation, where there had been houses and neighborhoods where it was completely gone, where business had been there and they were completely washed out," McCraney said.

In total the store raised more than $2,200 which were given to the Red Cross of the Southwest Saturday.

"Many people had no other place to go, so the Red Cross Shelter site that assisted them, this money will go to that cause," Bob Rice, Executive Director for the American Red Cross of the Southwest Texas, said.