Gun Sales Up One Week Before Election

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--Gun sales are on the rise, up by as much as 25 % in some parts of the country.    Some say it's the economy, while others blame next week's presidental election.

For Kimberly Stafford and the crew at Tejas Shooting Sports in Odessa, it's been a gradual increase in sales over the last few years and not a big, sudden jump.  

But it's the people that are buying the guns and "why", that's somewhat surprising, "Right now we're selling quite a bit.  We have people, that in the past have not been involved in the gun culture, coming in and buying firearms because they are afraid that at some point those purchases will be banned in the future."

It all stems from a gun control bill passed by President Clinton, that expired in 2004.   Now, gun enthusiasts wonder what will happen if a president who favors gun control is elected. 

"A lot of people are worried that something like that or something similar to that bill will be passed under Obama, if he's elected next week," Stafford explained.

The AR-15 is one of the more popular guns being sold because it's so easy to fire.  But it's the look of a semi-automatic rifle, that's making it the target of gun control activists.

According to Stafford, the booming oil economy is also giving extra ammo to gun sales, "Oil production is up in the area.  We've got a lot of folks in from all over the state, all over the country.  We've got folks from other countries that are here working."

Stafford says she hasn't seen anyone stockpiling on any weapons or ammo.  The majority of people just want to buy a piece now, just in case they can't do so later.