Are Dangerous Halloween Decorations on Your Doorstep?

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

You've probably decorated for those little ghosts and goblins visiting your door this Halloween, but take a second look at what your setting out. 

After the Midland High fire, we went to find out what decorations were the most dangerous.

"This time of year people start decorating for the holidays and a lot of these decorations are flammable/combustible," Midland Fire Marshall Jeff Meiner, said.

The fire last Friday at Midland High spread because of Halloween decorations. Smoke damaged the hallways, auditorium, and orchestra room.

"They lit the decorations that were a combination of the black plastic and some netting they had up over the hallways," Meiner said.

The Fire Marshall says black plastic bags are some of the most dangerous decorations this Halloween. They are often used to create a darker atmosphere, but if they catch on fire, they melt quickly and stick to your skin, making it almost impossible to escape.

"It puts off a very thick black smoke and that's why there was so much damage done at the school, because it spreads smoke throughout very quickly," Meiner said.

If you're caught with them you could get a hefty fine, but plastic bags aren't the only threat.

Nylon and spider web netting are also a danger.

"You can probably go out to the shelves and look at some of the costumes they have out there," Meiner said. "They have some costumes with just real flimsy netting material and maybe even some plastic, and I urge you to stay away from that."

The fire department inspects many of our local haunted houses and some have had to shut down.

"We look in the paper just to see if anybody is advertising haunted houses because a lot of times people just do them, and they're unaware," Meiner said. "A lot of people do not know that this stuff is extremely flammable."