Are Halloween Costumes Too Sexy for Kids?

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

"It is just hard, you know very hard. To find a costume for my 13-year-old granddaughter," Mother Sherry Watt, says.  

Costumes like sexy witch, Flirty Fairy and Wicked Innocence are all costumes this Halloween for kids.

"When the get that age everything is for adults that fits them or it's just to risqué," Watt added.

Some parents are looking into other options for trick or treating.

"We usually just try to make something or just combine costumes," another parent told NewsWest 9.

At Chubby's Party Emporium in Odessa sexy is not necessarily what is selling.

"We are more about family attire, something you could wear to school, church or go out in," Owner Liz Atkinson, said.

Atkinson says parents have raised their eyebrows at what some stores are selling.

"We had lots of comments last year about what some stores were putting out and this year there is a line in the sand. Parents are just not going to do it," Atkinson said.

A trick this Halloween may be finding your teen a costume that fits both your styles.