Precinct 3 Candidate Accuses Her Opponent of Lying About an Air Quality Report

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - With just over a week to go before the election, an Ector County Comissioner came out swinging against her opponent.

Barbara Graff, who is running for Precinct 3, says former Odessa Assistant Fire Chief Dale Childers lied about an air quality report back in 2004.

And now, he's trying to keep a deposition sealed, so the public won't know about it.

The air quality report was filed after several Jordan Elementary students developed unexplained rashes.

The first test pointed to high acetone levels in the air.

Graff says Childers was dishonest in dealing with the report.

Meantime, Graff's Republican opponent, Dale Childers told NewsWest 9 by phone that he'd be happy to supply anyone with the deposition and denied trying to cover up anything.

Childers also claims that a state health official told him the original acetone test was most likely flawed, so he disregarded it.