Downtown Fire Disrupts Workday for Some Citizens

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Smoke flooded the streets, as hundreds of downtown workers poured out of office buildings, while Midland Firefighters battled a large fire at the old Midland Savings building at the corner of Wall St. and Colorado St. 

"All the way down here on Wall you literally couldn't see those buildings," Paul Hughes, who works in the downtown area, said.

Building officials at the Wilco building, just a few blocks from the fire, were forced to shutdown the buildings air conditioning system due to all the smoke creeping into the building.

The building was set to be demolished on November 8th. 

Paul Hughes, a worker at the building said the scene reminded him of 9/11 and looked almost like a sand storm reminiscent of the dust bowl.

"The whole building smelled like smoke and still smells like smoke. My clothes smell like smoke," Brian McGunnis, who also works in the downtown area, said.

Many residents gathered and took pictures on cell phones and watched as crews battled the blaze.

Office workers told NewsWest 9 the smoke made it hard to breathe and burned their eyes, others said the smell of smoke inside their office buildings was strong.

Flames shot through the elevator shaft and smoke could be seen for miles.

Firefighters shut down surrounding streets, but all were reopened Monday evening.