Odessa College Student/Soldier Continuing His Education Online While On Duty

Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- 20-year-old Filo Madrid thought he was done serving in the Marine Corp. He started taking classes at Odessa College preparing for a career in business management, but at the start of this semester the Corp came calling.

"At first I thought it was going to disrupt my school and the life I had set myself so far, and it disrupted it," Odessa College Student Filo Madrid, said.

But instead of dropping out, he'll be logging college hours online from the base.

"I can always say I have grown a lot from my college experience, so it's very important, because even to this day I can continue to grow, I learn something new all the time," Madrid said.

Madrid is a few credits away from completing his Associates Degree and his teachers want to help him finish.

"They work with me a lot, especially they know since I am leaving, they work with me, they don't give any lenience, but they are very cooperative," Madrid said.

Madrid is the first ever student at Odessa College to continue classes during active deployment.  The Veterans Affairs office says it's trying to spread the word to other service men and women an education is just a click away.

"We understand education is important so that's we try to get them to continue school and it does not matter where they are going to be, we just know education is important and so we just try to keep them focused in on that and support them the best way we can," Claudia Carrillo with Veterans Affairs at Odessa College, said.