Strong Early Voter Turnout in Midland County

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Midland County officials say it can take any where from thirty to just a few minutes to vote. So far 20 percent of the County's registered voters have already cast their ballot.

"Your eyes pleased when people turn to vote and when they vote in these numbers it's even better. I know we won't have 100 percent even 75 to 80 percent will be great," Midland County Elections Administrator, Ruth Sloan, said.

Sloan says that months of preparation have paid off so far they've only had one problem during early voting. The names of the candidates running for School Board Trustee for Precinct Four did not appear on the ballot.

"When it was tested I thought 'its working like it should be' and then all these people started coming in and some of the precincts were not coming up with the information that we had expected," Sloan said.

The error was caught early in the morning so not too many people were affected by the problem. The candidates running for the position say they're not worried it will effect the final results.

"I feel like it was a small minor error and I don't think anyone is to blame, I think it was just a computer glitch," Karen Fullen, Candidate for Precinct 4 School Board Trustee, said.

"No I am not worried about it, who ever gets the most votes wins, I will not challenge the voting," Precinct 4 School Board Trustee Candidate Dora Zepeda, said.

Despite the minor problem voters say the process is fast and easy.

"We just wanted to do it and we did not want to stand in line, drove back here voted and was back home in 15 minutes," Early Voter Cherry Stanley, said.

Early voting ends next Friday, so you still have plenty of time to go and cast your early vote.