Pecos City Council to Make Changes to Truck Ordinance

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

PECOS- The City Council decided to move forward with changes to an ordinance that keeps truck drivers from parking in Pecos neighborhoods. After a public debate the city made a motion to amend a section of the ordinance that would allow truck drivers to park the tractor portion of a big rig on the side of a home with a prepared gravel or cement driveway.

"We don't drive around here just to work and back," Raul Ramirez, a truck driver who lives in town, said.  "Parking at our homes is safer than somewhere else."

Neighbors argued the trucks damage the roads, are noisy, and force residents to breathe unhealthy fumes.

Business Owner George Mendoza said it's impossible for many truck drivers to park in the designated lots.

"I feel for them, they don't have family, they're single," he said, adding others have young children making it difficult for them to get a ride to their trucks each day.

The Council must read the modified ordinance at two more city council meetings, until then the original ordinance is in effect.

At the meeting Mayor Richard Alligood said more debates regarding zoning issues are likely to come up as the city continues to clean itself up.