Oil Show Parking Causing Problems for Restaurants Near Ector County Coliseum

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Permian Basin Oil Show may boost the economy, but some Odessa restaurants claim they're not seeing that cash.

In fact, it's costing them money.

The problem is parking.

Some restaurant owners near the Ector County Coliseum tell us oil show attendees are using their parking lots and walking across the street.

That means customers have no place to pull up and go in.

"The parking lot was so full that no one could come in for lunch, people were calling to see what was going on, because they had reservations for tables. Nobody could park because they took all of our parking spaces," Server Martina Flores, said.

How bad is it?

Well Martina tells us one waitress only made two bucks in tip money on Tuesday.

To make up for some of that lost business, one business owner decided to charge oil show parkers 10 bucks a pop to park on their property.