Tiny Technology is a Big Hit at This Year's Permian Basin International Oil Show

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN--It's the size of a freckle, but this tiny, high tech tool is keeping track of expensive oil field equipment.

Oil Field theft is on the rise in the Permian Basin.  Some of the more popular items being taken are copper pipe and wiring.  But there's a way for you to keep from becoming a victim.  And all the information you need is right at your fingertip.

"We've got them putting them on copper tubing.  They're putting them on well heads, on barton meters.  There's a lot of meters that are being stolen, a lot of pipe being stolen,"  Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stopper, said.

Asset Protection Services and Odessa Crime Stoppers are teaming up to crack down on oil field equipment theft. But it's the size of this new technology that aids in the recovery of stolen property and returning it to it's rightful owner. 

Rogers explains, "The dot just actually says 'Data Dots' on it and it has a serial number inscribed on it.  That serial number, you then go and register to yourself, put all your information into a data base.  You're talking about 14 lines of information that's inscribed into something that's the size of a piece of glitter."

If law enforcement comes across a trailer of oil field pipe, they have no way of knowing who the pipe really belongs to.  Data Dots to the rescue, "When you've got something like Data Dots and they can go in and check that dot and find out who it belongs to, then go back and check with that person and find out if he's really supposed to have that pipe or not."

The Data Dots technology can also protect your valuables at home.  You can get a personal home kit for yourself, just call Odessa Crime Stoppers.