Former Teacher Confesses to Sending Explicit Text Messages to Students

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON- What started as an investigation for giving minors alcohol has now turned into a confession from 25 year old Jaime Steen. She admits to sending sexually explicit text messages but she says it was all just fun and games.

"When something like this happens we devote our full attention to it and we are on their side and everything we can do to prevent from people to harming children we are going to no matter what it takes," Greg Nelson, Principal of Ft. Stockton High School, said.

Fort Stockton ISD is going through tough times right now with one of their own teachers charged with distribution of sexual explicit material to students as young as 15.

"It tares me up but I also realize people can be up front in the interview, they can dress nicely and put on a tie and sound professional and then drive away and be one of the worst you can ever imagine," Nelson said.

As soon district officials heard about the misconduct they immediately took action and the teacher resigned last week.

"We made NYP, we got off the Federal and the State list and now we are back to good standing but no one is talking about that, everyone is talking about this incident so all the good things that happened, the staff is demoralized," Nelson said.

School officials say they're handling the situation as best as possible.

"Parents are very disturbed, parents are wondering what other things might of happened that they don't know about and all we can do is give them the assurance of what we know and what's being done, and certainly that we are taking the appropriate action that we need to take as a district," Ron Mayfield, Superintendent for Ft. Stockton ISD, said.

Fort Stockton police say if Steen is found guilty she can face any where from 90 days to a year in prison and a fine for up to $4,000. If the State Board for Education on Certification also finds Steen guilty she will never be able to teach in the state of Texas again.