Ector County Coliseum Welcomes Permian Basin International Oil Show

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Whatever is happening in the oil market doesn't seem to be having any negative effect on things at the 2008 Permian Basin International Oil Show.  In fact, event organizers say this could be the biggest show yet.

According to Executive Director Tony Fry, "We have 7 different countries represented, several from Canada.  We've got some from South America.  We've got some Chinese companies that are here."

Over 710 exhibitors are occupying more than 1,100 spaces.  In addition to crowds of people on opening day, these are all positive signs that the oil industry is alive and well in the Permian Basin, despite, the dropping price of crude.

"Really, if you look at the price of oil and gas right now, we're comparable to where we were two years ago.  I don't think anybody is in any panic mode at this point," Fry commented.

Highlighting this year's show is new technology involving every aspect of the industry, as well as some sights and sounds from the past.

But according to Fry, this industry has definitely evolved. And so has the Oil Show, "It's amazing that years ago you were looking at gauges and dials and now you're looking at computer screens.  If you go back and look at pictures from Oil Shows ten years ago, you'll see much different equipment out here."

And getting back to the crowds, this year's show saw a much welcome sight on opening day.  Fry explains, "I'm sitting here thinking, the west parking lot is already full and we haven't seen that in a while.  That tells us that our attendance is good."

Just a reminder, the Oil Show is what is called an industry trade show.  That means, unless you work in the oil and gas industry or have connections, you won't be able to get in the gate.