Does Cheaper Gas Mean Cheaper Deliveries?

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Florists like Fancy Flowers in Midland took a hit when gas prices soared.

"To deliver to Odessa it used to be 8 dollars now its 15 to 20," Owner Leena Paredes, said.

Making sure you get fresh, tropical flowers sometimes takes a trip across the globe.

"Like our Holland Tulips, we have to order them from California, they are shipped oversees and then shipped here, people don't realize how all of that adds up," Designer Gina Bishop, said.

Just in the past few weeks gas prices have taken a nosedive and does that translate into lower prices everywhere else?

"We don't know what to do what gas is going do, right now we have to stay right there to make up for what we have lost, because it has hurt us," Paredes said.

Paredes also says she's even fielded calls from people wanting deliveries to small towns asking why delivery prices aren't going down.

She says delivery charges to Odessa will to be reduced if fuel holds steady at lower prices.

"For right now, no changes, but we will see about next month," she says.