Ector County Commissioners Tackle Tough Issues

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

It's the first day of early voting, and things are heating up in Ector County. 

Illegal dumping and water safety are the top 2 topics in the battle of an Ector County Commissioner seat.

"They'll go out after dark, pull off a side road and dump their junk," Freddie Gardner, Ector County Commissioner for Precinct 1, said.

Neighbors say illegal dumping sites in Ector County are all too common. At some dump sites you'll find everything from sofas, to mattresses, to tires, and someone even left their dead horse.

"Well the dumping situation as you can see, people bring their trash and any un-used or unwanted household items that they're wanting to discard and find some property and just leave it for someone else to take care of,"  Linda Young-Anglley told NewsWest 9.

That's why she is running for a commissioner seat. She says precinct one is the largest in Ector County and has the biggest trash problem.

"I would like to see the codes enforced more so we can clean up the area," Linda Young-Anglley, Candidate for Commissioner of Precinct 1, said.

"If it's a clean area, they have a tendency not to dump things there," Gardner said. "They look for a place where there's already something there."

Right now, the county is trying to hire a code enforcement officer to deal with the mess,
but both parties agree there's a bigger issue at stake.

"There are people in this precinct that have not have running water in their homes in 10 years," Anglley said.

For 6,000 West Odessans, when they turn on a spicket, it's dry. And that's left them to drill their own wells, haul it in, or rely on bottled water.

"Without water, your property is worthless," Gardner said.

The county has obtained over $4 million of grants to extend the water to dry neighborhoods.

"It's just a long drawn out affair when you're dealing with Federal, State, City, and County money," Anglley said.

And on November 4th, West Odessans will vote to decide who will take the next steps to address these problems.