Odessa Family Continues Searching for Bone Marrow Transplant Match

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- It's not easy to find a match for Cynthia Reschman. Her Hispanic and German background is not a common heritage, which means she has a rare gene and a tough time finding a bone marrow match. West Texans came to Odessa to see if they could help on Saturday afternoon.

"It really means a lot to me and to my family and it shows me there are good people in our community who care and it's really good. My mom appreciates it," J.R. Gonzales, Cynthia Reschman's son, said.

Reschman has been fighting leukemia since 1996 and she's relapsed five times. No family members are a match so they've reached out for help.

"We are not one least bit surprised, they are willing to help, we have received phone calls in how they can help and how they participate" Carolyn Reschman, Cynthia Reschman's sister.

This is the third bone marrow drive put on by Reschman's family they hope once the results come in from Saturday's effort they will have a match.

"We all have faith and we hope and pray that some body will be a match, so we are holding pretty good, it's nothing new to us, but this time they have told us that she needs to have a match before she can come home," Reschman said.

Right now, Reschman is in Dallas getting treatment and waiting for a transplant. Despite the life-threatening situation, Reshman's family says her spirits are high.

"She has her makeup on.  The Doctors go into the room and the doctors say that she looks so beautiful she doesn't even look like she is sick or she has Leukemia, she doesn't let it bother her, she knows better, she can't let it get to her," Gonzales said.

The Reschman's are still finding a bone marrow that matches Cynthia's if you would like to get tested you can contact the National Marrow Donor Program.