Donations in Short Supply at West Texas Food Bank

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS--With the hurricanes hitting the coast and the troubled economy, the West Texas Food Bank is finding it hard to stock their shelves.   As a result, they're stretching to put food on West Texas tables.  This hits hard, especially with the holidays right around the corner. 

"We're low, low on hams and we're low, low on turkeys, as far as the meats for the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners," West Texas Food Bank Executive Director Hyta Folsom, explained.

Folsom says they're not the only ones stretched to their limits.   Food banks all across Texas are in the same boat. Recent hurricanes are part of the problem, 

"Part of it is the cost of food.  As the cost of food goes up for individual families, it also goes up for food banks.  Even though we can get it wholesale, the cost still goes up for us," Folsom said.

With Christmas and Thanksgiving just a couple of months away, there may not be enough food to go around for everyone.

Folsom told NewsWest 9, "We got in 800 some odd cases of turkey roasts so we're trying to decide how we divide those up to serve the number of families that we need to serve throughout the whole service area, the whole 22 counties."

Every one of those 22 counties has seen an surprising increase in the number people needing help.   Surprising in more ways than one.

"They said, not only are we seeing more people come, but it is a higher income level of people, than it used to be," Folsom explained.

She adds, you can do you part to help, "Every food drive helps.  But if we have the dollars, we can stretch those dollars because we have the volume buying power."