Local Family Helps Others Stretch Budget

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Parents trying to stretch the family budget without forcing their kids to squeeze into clothes that don't fit are getting a little extra help. Gary and Rachel Truex started Kids' Essentials Storehouse over a year ago to help families dealing with high gas prices.

"When rent rises, and food rises, and gas rises sometimes clothes get squeezed out of the family budget," Rachel Truex, said.

The North A Church of Christ provides the Storefront in an empty room at the church. Donations from parents supply the store with clothes for kids ranging from infants through 14/16 XL .

"Kids grow so fast they out grow the clothes before they have a chance to wear them out," Gary Truex said. "We try to instill in our kids that nothing really belongs to our kids, it's all God given. We want to take care of it while he's given it to us and we want to pass it on in good shape."

Unlike most second hand shops, everything is free.

"We are very picky about what we hang up here, just the good stuff," Church Member Neva Cooper, who helped sort and stock the racks, said.

The store is open to the public the first Saturday of every month, but people in need can call the North A Church Office at 682-8653 for special times.

"It's a nice feeling to go into your attic and clean out all the bins and know that it's going to a good place," Diana Russell, said, who has already hauled three or four garbage bags full of her daughter's old clothes.

Safe Place and other families have utilized the clothing exchange. Midland Christian and Midland Memorial Hospital donate the clothes left in the lost and found at the end of each year.